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Case Study: Christopher P. Turner

  • Christopher Turner

    Christopher Turner came to ArtDealers after trying several other online hosting companies - none of them gave him the combination of clean layouts and professionalism that she was looking for.

    And after a few negative experiences with their customer support and billing departments, he wanted a company that would respond quickly to his concerns.

    "Your customer service is amazing. The first question I had was answered by email within 8 minutes. I remember emailing back in shock. It has been the best customer service experience I have ever had online." Christopher Turner

  • Christopher Turner

    "ArtDealers has layouts that rival any other webpage hosting website. I like the amount of customization. Changing headers, fonts - it's pretty much all in your hands, but presented in a way that makes it very easy to change quickly. It has proved useful in getting me jobs I possibly would not otherwise have gotten." Christopher Turner

    You don't need to be an expert at coding HTML to get a professional look for your portfolio. We offer a wide range of templates, all of which are both beautiful to look at and highly customizable, so you get the benefits of accessible design and the custom changes you'd normally have to pay an expensive designer for.

  • Christopher Turner

    "It didn't take me long to set the website up. Maybe one to two hours at most, and only because I tried a few different looks out before finally deciding.

    I'm constantly telling people to try ArtDealers." Christopher Turner