Fine Art Photography: Series " Mi País de las Maravillas"

Printed on Velvet Fine Art Paper
20" x 20"
Limited Edition of 15

Series: “Mi País de las Maravillas”

“The Secret, Alice, is to surround yourself with people who make your heart smile.
It´s then, only then, that you´ll find Wonderland.” The Mad Hatter

What is this all about?
This series is about My Wonderland, but what does that mean? As you can see in the different images that compose this series, you find many different feelings and moments that I have passed through in my life. I share with you my existence and, image by image, you will find happiness, loneliness, sadness, hope and any other emotions that my artwork evokes.
When I want to go into my wonderland, I close my eyes and remember the things that I have lived but also, I close my eyes and dream of the things I want to live.
But why do I need to surround myself with other people when we are taught that happiness is inside us? The answer is -if I love myself, I will always share my life with special people who will bring love and hope, people who will always love me and support me. If you love yourself, it will be a reflection of the people with whom you share your life.
I loved developing this series. I worked on it for several months, planning the images and the concept, choosing the quotes, and reading the book. The book is my inspiration, but my goal with this artwork is for us to find our Wonderland.

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