Gabriela Segura Fine Art

Gabriela Segura Fine Art

I was born in San José, Costa Rica
I am an electromechanical engineer, married and a mother of three.

In 2015, I began my studies in photography and realized that this is my true passion. Little by little, I left my former job to devote myself completely to photography.
Now I am a fine art photographer who uses photoshop to create the emotions I feel inside and want to share.
Most of my images are self-portraits because I want my body move as my mind imagine the subject.

A lot of my work was born from the sensitivity I developed during my father´s disease. He was in a coma for 7 years -at this time I realized life is short and you never know when our journey will end. So I decided follow my dreams and trasmit all my feeling throught art. I love my decision now I just need the opportunity to show my art to the world.

¨Art helps us to personify what we envision, grasp the imaginary and transmit our thoughts.¨

-Gabriela Segura

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Gabriela Segura Fine Art