Fine Art Photography (from general portfolio)

Printed on Velvet Fine Art Paper
20"x 20". Limited Edition of 10

  1. The Frozen Heart

She was so beautiful, and she had to take care of a lot of things.
Things you can never imagine because it is too much for you and for me.
She now is going crazy because she became so blue.
She doesn´t know what happened but she can´t feel and this is true.
She had to take care of the animals, the lands, and the seas.
She could feel the love and she could feel the wind.
She could have enjoyed those precious presents but she didn´t do the right thing.
Her name is “Humanity”, and she can´t see.
She is destroying everything, and everything looks so weak.
Destroying the love and seas, the peace and lands, the animals and sky.
She has a frozen heart; a heart that doesn´t feel.
For her, it doesn´t matter, she looks down and doesn’t think.
She has death in her soul, and she forgot what was her role.
I am not crazy, this is true, I don't know what we can do.
Let's try together to melt our hearts -all we have to do is try.

  1. The Secret of Her Red Skirt

Sometimes I feel like I am living in a cold, cold place.
Do you feel the same?
Now I will tell you a story, a story inside this place.
She lives with a spirit, that spirit is with her.
Don´t worry, she is not crazy, she will be okay.
The forest asks her for a dance, so she dances all day.
She is tired but she is okay, and don´t worry she is not afraid.
This is just a story that lives inside my head, as you and me could have something like this one day.
I am her and you are her too, because we all have that spirit in our head,
Dance with me and don´t worry, I am not crazy, I think I am okay.
But wait, all this is in my head, I feel so sorry -I don´t think she is in this place, she is so far away.
She doesn´t feel cold or pain.
She tells me the secret of her red skirt, it is her soul dancing with her in this magic, magic place.
Just be patient with me because I want to dance and dance the whole day.

  1. The Spirit of Hope

The whole world is falling apart, the whole place has been broken.
There are wars and sickness, and a lot of people are dying.
It looks like the fallen angels are winning this war, this war that started millions of years before.
But she decided to open her wings and color the world, because she is the spirit -the spirit of hope.
She paints with blue because we need water to live and the blue sky to dream.
She paints with purple because she wants us to know we are spirits too.
She sends us a message, a message of hope.
Loving each other because we are not alone.

Look at the sky and dream with a world, a world that will be fantastic as never before.
Where did she come from?
We never know, the important thing is we all have this feeling that we didn’t know.

  1. Her Symbol of Freedom

She was walking in the forest, and she found a small body.
The body was a little bird, whose soul just flew away.
She decided to fly with him and suddenly she felt free.
She had a Romeo and she felt she was his Juliet.
She thought the bird was a symbol, her symbol of freedom.
The one she needed to feel well.
This is a story of love, a story of love she made in her head.
During her journey she wasn´t okay.
All she needs is her Romeo, but he is far away.

She thinks she can fly and find his soul in the sky.
She imagines herself with its feathers and flying away.

Nobody ever knows anything else; she just disappears in the middle of nowhere.

  1. The Prints We Leave I

I was planning a new image and decided to paint one of the fabrics I have for my photographs. I wanted to make handprints on it, because I wanted to share my vision of the prints we leave through our life.
When I was painting my daughter came and she started to paint with me so some of the handprints on the fabric are mine and some are hers. She took a brush and started to make lines and I thought: all the handprints and lines symbolize what we paint in our journey and are like art pieces - all of them have a special value, a different inspiration, and a different direction. These art pieces depend on the author, the way he or she envisions life and how they want to share them.

When we finished, I left the paint to dry for one night and the next day I started to work on my new image. I decided that I wanted to make several images with different poses because we have different ways we walk in different moments.

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